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Keeping yourself in check with proper hydration! 

Time Marker Water Bottle - Keeping you on track with your hydration habits, the Time Marker has marked timer schedule to remind you to hydrate.

Between 8am-1pm, drink according to the marker for per hour intake, then REFILL and continue the time marker from 2pm-7pm.

Everyone has a different standard of water consumption but the average intake per day for adult MALE is 3.7L and adult FEMALE is 2.7 L. You may drink slightly more if you're more active or an athlete but over-drinking can also cause 

Over-hydration and can lead to water intoxication. This means that the amount of salt and electrolytes in your body become too diluted. Stopping water intake between 7pm-8.30pm in the evenings can ease your bloated-ness. 


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