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The History Of the Brand

As a child, I dreamt of many possibilities of how my life would turn out.


I wanted to pursue everything, just like any other kid growing up in the 80's.The police force was my forever dream, then a VJ ~ a host for MTV and a radio DJ at a local station. I even wanted to be an actress so I could represent Singapore at the Oscars. I also dreamt about being a model on an international stage. And finally a lecturer of the Arts. 

 Of course, these were just reflections of my desires. My true purpose came later.  

I won my first ever poetry recital competition at age 7. I read so much throughout my Primary school years that I started writing in diaries. I journaled my experiences and ideas about life. I learned to express through poetry and short stories. 

My love for writing grew from there. I sold my books in school with the help of my father. I wrote and he printed. I bound the books with just staples and sold them for fifty cents. It was only story books and games that I had made up on my own but students bought them. 

At the same time, I also loved spearheading my own campaigns. I founded my own kids club and rallied students at my class level to join and play together in various sports and participate in little adventures. I was the Club President, of course. 

As an adult, my campaigns were aimed to unite people from all walks of life to network with each other with the common cause of promoting inclusivity and finding their true purpose. 

Today, I have evolved in my writing. I organise meetups in my little communities and I contribute through three blogs, concerning lifestyle by design. I also cover life issues and on how to deal with them. 

I also started thesimplelife store, so that these products can help you design a life that you love with the mission of the brand, that is to live a simple life. These products though minimal in its value, I hope it provides you ease and inspiration.

Here I am, an open book, sharing my knowledge and experiences with people in hopes to make this world a better place. 

"Your Passion Is Your Purpose"

 -Leoni Matahari ( LM )